Hungary Passes Law Banning Schools From Teaching Contents That Promotes Homosexuality and Gender Change

Hungary has enacted new anti-LGBT legislation before of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s 2022 election, which he must win.

Hungary’s parliament enacted laws on Tuesday, June 15 prohibiting the distribution of information in schools that promote homosexuality and gender transition.

Human rights organizations and opposition parties have slammed Prime Minister Viktor Orban (seen above) for rallying against LGBT persons and immigrants.

His Fidesz party, which advocates for a Christian-conservative agenda, has linked a measure prohibiting school discussions on LGBT matters with another law that rigorously punishes pedophilia, making it far more difficult for opponents of the anti-LGBT bill to vote against it.

On Monday, June 14, a large rally was staged outside of parliament. However, Fidesz lawmakers overwhelmingly supported the bill on Tuesday.

Under the rules, no materials that advocates gender transition or homosexuality can be shown to children under the age of 18. This holds true for commercials as well. The law establishes a list of organizations that are permitted to give sex education in schools.

Hungary is one of the few European countries that does not recognize gay marriage.

Only heterosexual couples can lawfully adopt children in the country.

In the constitution, Orban’s government defined marriage as a partnership between one man and one woman, and gay adoption was prohibited.

Other nations, like as Russia, Poland, and Romania, have enacted similar legislation and are at war with the European Union on some of their gay-friendly changes and legislation.

Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, the Greens’ rapporteur in Hungary, criticized the new law on Tuesday, saying, “Using child protection as an excuse to attack LGBTIQ individuals is harmful to all children in Hungary.”

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