Man Who Slapped France President Gets 4 Months Jail Term

After admitting to slapping French President Emmanuel Macron, a medieval battle aficionado was sentenced to four months in prison.

Damien Tarel said it was an impulsive act, but the prosecutor called it a “planned act of violence.”

Tarel was said to be a supporter of right-wing or far-right ideology and a member of the yellow-vest movement, according to the court.

President Macron stated that the attack should not be dismissed, but rather kept in perspective.

When asked why he attacked the president, he said he had pondered doing something noteworthy while waiting in the car with his buddies. He had previously discussed tossing an egg or a cream pastry at Mr Macron, but said he had not considered slapping him.

“I was disgusted when I saw his pleasant, lying look, which sought me out as a voter,” he was quoted as saying in court.

He said he thought he was a part of the anti-establishment gilets jaunes (yellow-vests) movement, which staged anti-Macron rallies during Macron’s first years in office. He claimed, “I acted automatically.”

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