Agitation For Referendum Is People’s Right, Pull Off Troops From Igboland – Onyeka Onyewu Tells Buhari

Onyeka Onwenu, a veteran musician, human rights activist, and former Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre for Women Development, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw Nigerian military from the South-East and engage in talks with regional secessionists.

At a news conference hosted by the Credible Igbo Women Initiative (CIWI) in Lagos, Onwenu declared that campaigning for a referendum is a right of the people.

The artist also urged the federal government to put an end to the region’s deaths, while encouraging young people to engage in conversation.

She stated,

“We come here together with one thing in our mind: peace, love and equity. Something dreadful is happening in south east right now. I happened to come from Imo state and I know what people are passing through there. Please, federal government should stop the killings”

“Some people want to agitate for referendum, it is their right. Some people want to cry out that they are being  marginalized, it is their right. Listen to them. You may not agree with them, but they have the right to speak. We are begging, we are asking, please let’s sit down and talk about what is going on. Let’s call our people who are agitating, who are not happy with the situation and talk to them. Nigerian government let’s talk. Pull out the troops from Igboland.”

“I want to use this opportunity to reach out to our young people to embrace dialogue. Please, come let’s talk. We will stand for the right of Igbo people”

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