Pastor, Herbalist, Three Others Arrested With Human Parts In Ogun

On Wednesday, June 9, a pastor, a herbalist, and three other men were arrested for allegedly possessing human body parts.

Olagunju Adetunji, a 40-year-old pastor from Kajola, near Osogbo, Osun State, is accused of possessing human hands and legs.

A 50-year-old herbalist named Adewumi Gbadamosi was also paraded, along with three others named Rasheed Ajani, Saka Akeem, and Abiodun Adetimilehin. They were apprehended for reportedly killing a teenager named Kehinde outside an Osogbo hospital.

The herbalist allegedly admitted to the crime, claiming that the teen’s head was handed to the pastor and his accomplice, Saka Akeem, after they asked him for assistance over low church attendance.

According to Olokede: “Two decaying hands and two legs of one Kehinde, whose surname and residence are still unknown, were found on the suspects. Adewumi Gbadamosi, the main suspect, admitted to the crime and said the victim’s head was given to one Olagunju Adetunji for rituals.”

“During his parading, Gbadamosi claimed that he killed Kehinde while on night guard duty in Osogbo. He then dismembered him, grabbed some of his body parts, and flung the rest into a river.’

“The herbalist claimed that Ajani, who was also a night guard, helped him transport the body after he killed him.” he continued

Pastor Adetunji denied getting the deceased’s head from the herbalist, but he did disclose meeting Gbadamosi once in his church after his buddy Adetimilehin brought him for spiritual assistance.

The suspects would be arraigned in court after the inquiry was completed, according to Olokode.

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