Lesbian P0rn Movie Accidentally Plays In Covid Vaccination Center, Leaving Patients Confused (Photos)

When lesbian p0rn0graphy began playing on a TV inside a Covid vaccination center in Costa Rica, officials had to scramble to switch it off.

The x-rated film abruptly appeared on a TV that was previously broadcasting public service broadcasts at the Costa Rican institution.

On Monday, June 7, people were waiting inside the tent for their turn to receive the vaccine when the television abruptly switched channels in San Jose City.

The clip stunned viewers, as perplexed health staff sought to turn off the gadget, which looked to be connected to a computer.

The policemen were able to close the screen by removing the socket and apologized to those inside for the “inconvenience.”

Anthony Barboza, an eyewitness who was queuing inside the tent, said: “They were merely playing public service messages at first, but that soon changed.

“Although no harm was done, the policemen were perplexed and ashamed.”

“Inside the tent, some of the people with me were giggling.”

The identity of the person who played the video is being investigated.

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