“I Want To Die” – Lesbian Who Was Drug and Raped For Two Cries Out

A renowned Ghanaian lesbian has taken to Facebook to express her outrage after being kidnapped, drugged, and raped for two days in a row.

Elladeevah Ellios, who went by the name Elladeevah Ellios on Facebook, claims the sad event has left her traumatized, and she now sees death as her only refuge and solace.

She went on to say that she is currently undergoing treatment at the Cantonment Police Hospital after being tortured to two days of marathon sex.

“I was recorded, drugged, and rap3d for 2 good days!!!” the young lady wrote on Facebook, describing her ordeal. Cantoment police hospital is the current location. I’m in desperate need of all the help I can get. My life has come to an end, and I’m ready to die.”

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