Brazilian Wife Kills Husband, Cooks His Pen!s In a Frying Pan (Photos)

When they battled about splitting up, the Brazilian lady ‘COOKS her husband’s penis in a frying pan after killing him “in self-defense” and slicing it off’, after they had a misunderstanding about splitting up.

In Brazil, a lady was detained on suspicion of murdering her husband before cutting off his penis and frying it.

On June 7, Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado, 33, was detained by police in Sao Goncalo, Brazil, which is located across the Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro.

Officers were called to the couple’s home in the Santa Catarina neighborhood, where they discovered the victim’s motionless, naked, and disfigured body.

Only his first name, Andre, was used to identify him.

His wife allegedly chopped off his penis and cooked it in soybean oil in a frying pan, according to authorities.

According to reports, the crime occurred around 4 a.m. after the couple had argued about splitting up.

The cops seized a kitchen knife from the scene, which they believe was the one she used to murder and dismember her husband.

Machado was arrested and accused with murder and mutilation of a corpse.

The couple had been separated for two years but continued to see each other on and off, according to reports. They had been together for ten years and had been separated for two years.

They have a five-year-old girl and an eight-year-old son, and they used to own a pizzeria together. It’s unclear whether the youngsters were present when the crime was committed.

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