“I’ve been traumatized since I caught my 8th wife with another man in our bed” —Husband cries out

Jimoh was dragged to court by his wife, Opeyemi Falola on the accounts of lack of peace in their marriage, irresponsibility, and constant battery.

The complainant claimed that her 28-year-old union with her husband was filled with frustration and regrets.

She thus appealed to the court to end their wedlock and grant her custody of their five children.

Jimoh agreed to divorce giving infidelity to his wife as his reason.

The defendant told the court he felt sick and traumatized anytime the picture of his wife having sex with her lover on their bed flashed through his mind.

Jimoh stated that Opeyemi was her favorite among his eight wives and that he lavished money and attention on her. According to the defendant, the complainant disappointed him by engaging in extramarital affairs.

Opeyemi in her testimony said, “My lord, I wasted a whole 28 years in an unhappy marriage with my husband.

“Our marriage is void of peace. Jimoh and I are always at loggerhead because our views always differ on issues almost all the time.

“My husband behaves irrationally. He takes decisions on issues in the home without taking me along or putting me into consideration. I often complain about this but he refused to change.

“Jimoh places no worth on me. He turned me into his punching bag. He beats me to a pulp any time we fight and leaves me to nurse wounds and body ache.

“He has also failed to be a good father to our children.

“My lord, Jimoh carries out no responsibility towards our five children. He has never been interested in their welfare.

“I feed and clothe our children on regular basis and also pay their school fees. He didn’t know how each and every one of them were enrolled in school and can’t tell their level of education.

“Two of our children eventually dropped out of school as a result of paucity of fund, but this meant nothing to my husband.

“My lord, my experience thus far in my 28-year-old marriage to Jimoh is that of woe and lack.

I have had enough of these. I desire a good life which was why I came to court.

“I beg this court to set me free from this bondage called marriage so that I can pick up my life again,” Opeyemi pleaded.

Jimoh in response said, the sight of my wife makes me sick. I’m surprised Opeyemi could drag me to court after she committed the unpardonable.

“She was my favourite out of my eight wives. I pampered and lavished money on her and she became the envy of her rivals.

“My lord, I got the shock of my life when on returning home from work one day, I caught my wife in bed with her lover. They were both having sex on our bed. I was stuck to a spot for some minutes. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“I sent Opeyemi packing after this, but her brother who happens to be my friend intervened in the issue and she moved back to my house.

“My lord, I have never been the same since this incident. I feel traumatized any time that scene flashes through my mind.

“My lord, I pray you grant Opeyemi her prayer of divorce,” the defendant said.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, after hearing both parties stated that more evidence would be needed.

Ruling, Agbaje adjourned the case and ordered both parties to come to court with their children and parents.

However, both were advised to maintain peace.

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