“We once went through real poverty” – Man amazes his mother with a new house

Businessman recounts how he built a new house for his mother after years of devotion to make the dream come true.

A Twitter user recognized as @karidas_ said his mother went through a difficult time to bring him up and he would always hear his mother cry herself to bed on many occasions.

Karidas was finally worthy to put a smile on the face of his mother after erecting her a wonderful home of her own after begging her to come and spend a short time with him.

Read his post below;

“I’ve been debating with myself on wether I should share this: I hope this inspires someone out there.
I’ve been working towards this moment my entire life, my mom and I went through real poverty when I was growing up. There were nights where there simply just wasn’t any food left. I’d hear her crying herself to sleep sometimes, and she’d put her head on the pillow because she thought I wouldn’t hear anything. Ever since I was a little kid, I made it a point that I would take care of her.

Man narrates how he surprised his mother with a new house

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