“Don’t be insensible; even DMW tattoo did not give rise to your fame” – Dr Cherry & N6 blast Tacha

Prominent former Bbnaija housemate, Tacha obtains enormous backlashes from outstanding OAP, N6, and reality celebrity, Dr. Cherry after her statement about BBNaija on her life.

This is showing up after Tacha blasted a troll that ridiculed her for being nobody without the Pepper Dem edition of the reality show. In response, the Port Harcourt first daughter explained that the show would not have been as interesting without her.

This declaration, regardless, activated more trolls and stars who called Tacha’s interest to her ‘ungrateful’ attitude as OAP N6 specifically argued that the show played a crucial role in her life.

Read his post below;

"Even DMW tattoo did not help you to stardom" - Dr Cherry & N6 drag Tacha to filth

Supporting the OAP’s statement, Dr. Cherry strengthened below;

“The OAP guy is so on point but some naive keypad nomenclatures will start commenting senselessly here now ..@symply tacha Be humble and appreciate the platform that uplifted you bcos not even the DMW tattoo could have brought you this far into the limelight. And oh less I forget ,please you weren’t the “SHOW” plz Pepper dem Bbnaija had a lot of fun interesting housemates that still kept the show running even after your disqualification #icomeinpeace, ” .

"Even DMW tattoo did not help you to stardom" - Dr Cherry & N6 drag Tacha to filth

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