Nigerian men replies after a lady Who Attends Cele Church Asked Why Some Men Are Afraid Of Cele Girls

A lady who attends the Celestial Church also popularly known as Cele church has questioned why some men are usually afraid of girls who attend her church.

The female Twitter user known as Abeke Owo, took to her Twitter handle to ask the question which has been bugging her for a long time.

In her tweet, Abeke had said that she wanted to know why some men are scared of Cele girls and why they run whenever they get to know a girl attends Cele Church.

She went further by sharing her own experience, saying that anytime she tells people that she attends the Celestial Church, she always gets the same reaction.

According to her, men always tell her that she does not look or talk like the girls that attend the church.

She, therefore, wanted to know why some men run whenever they know that the girl they are talking with attends Cele Church.

Most people who have reacted and replied to her have shared some of their experiences that have informed their decisions to stay away from such girls.

One man who commented said that in his school, a lady who attends Cele broke up with his boyfriend and vowed that she would deal with him.

He said that the lady in question did some thongs and the man’s life began to be miserable ever since then.

One said he personally dated one of the girls. He said that she had perfumes and soaps for everything, ranging from favour, help, etc.

However, some female members of the church have been trying to reassure the men that Cele girls are harmless, it does not seem to be working as they are afraid.

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