“I don’t think I can withstand this” – South African lady shattered as unidentified ‘jealous’ persons set her brand new car ablaze weeks after displaying it on Facebook

A South African lady has been left confounded after some unidentified persons set her new car ablaze a few weeks after she displayed it on Facebook.

The lady, recognized as Pearl Mthombeni, had brought to Facebook to show off her brand new whip when she went to pick it up at the car dealership on April 17, 2021.

She captioned the pictures, “The power of an ancestor. The power of god.”

Pearl got many congratulatory messages from her friends and supporters. Unknown to her that some persons were lowkey despising on her.

Just 2 months afterward, Pearl disclosed that some unidentified persons had set her new car on fire out of jealousy.

On May 30th, she brought to Facebook to post pictures of the bitterly destroyed car and she wrote below,

“Oh dogs, your jealousy can’t be compared to anything,” 

Pearl went on Facebook again on Tuesday, June 1, to complain painfully about the loss of her brand new car.

“I don’t think I can survive this. It is just too much.”

South African lady devastated

See pictures below,

South African lady devastated

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