“Do am if e easy”: A cute 100level Nigerian student says as she celebrates getting 5.0 CGPA after scoring A in all her courses

A young Nigerian lady @tobiolalandu took to her Twitter handle to celebrate her outstanding result in the higher institution.

The brilliant lady scored A in all her courses and got a CGPA of 5.0; she decided to post this on social media and prophesy into her future.

However, many social media users who reacted to the lady’s result were kind enough to advise her not to relent on repeating the feat in subsequent semesters.

Celebrating her win, she wrote: “See result. My future is bright, amen.”

Many react to the result

Tweep with the handle @BuchKoncept said: “Nice one, the sky is just the starting point… Continue on this path, do not relent and also try learn a skill.. A good result and a marketable skill go hand in glove… E no easy abeg, u try.”

@Yaseen_ishaq commented: “It is the easiest thing a student can do.”

@LordJaggy wrote: “100 level fa? That’s great, but keep the updates coming in subsequent levels o.”

@ifycruize said: “Don’t relax! This was the biggest mistake i made . At 100L I was on top of my game and I felt “ahn ahn this thing is simple na”. By 300l when my eye clear, it was too late to remedy the result.babygirl came out with 2:2.”

@AkaProgress commented: “Nice result and congratulations, Starting strong is very important.”

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