Between actress Uche Elendu and a devotee who dragged her for complimenting Nuella Njubigbo and her husband’s ex-wife

Popular Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu, was connected in a hectic exchange with a devotee who dragged her for commending both Nuella Njubigbo and her estranged husband’s ex-wife, Sophia Williams. It can be remembered that Nuella was amazed with a brand new car on Tuesday, May 1, 2021, and she has received bulks of congratulatory messages. Uche Elendu was one of the well wishers. Read her remark below, Uche Elendu and a follower who Immediately afterwards, she congratulated Chidi Chikere’s ex-wife, Sophia Williams, after she posted a video of a new born baby on her Instagram page. It is common understanding that Sophia and Nuella aren’t friends, and Sophia previously dragged Nuella following rumours that her marriage to Tchidi has crashed. So Uche Elendu’s congratulatory messages to both women annoyed the follower who criticized and blasted her for not taking a side. Regardless, Uche Elendu blasted back at the devotee and instructed her to quit initiating enmity between the actresses. Sophia also responded to the follower’s opinion. View the industry below, Kindly Share Related Video

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