Young guy recounts how a beggar angrily refused his 5 naira

A Nigerian guy has brought to social media, Twitter to narrate how a beggar he gave some money declined the financial assistance.

The guy who is recognized as Gideon revealed that he was making his way out of a mall when he sighted a beggar and determined to assist him with 5 naira notes but he later refused his money.

Gideon said, not only did the beggar turn down the money that was being offered to him, but the beggar instructed him to get out of his sight.

Gideon narrated the story in reaction to a question about if anything can still be bought with N5 in Nigeria.

Read what he wrote below;

”I gave a begger ₦5 yesterday while coming from out from a mall…….the begger politely told me that I should get out from his from his front!!!!!!!!!!!”

When a Twitter user probed to know if he was serious, the young man answered;

”No be joke bro.

And it was even two ₦5….making ₦10, but the fact that I presented ₦5 to him must have pissed him off”

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