Lady expresses surprise as she discovers a well-mounted fan in the bathroom of the current apartment she paid for.

A Nigerian Lady brought to her social media page to display the delightful element in the bathroom of a new apartment she just leased in Abuja, and it is quite crazy.

While posting the picture on Twitter read what she wrote below;

I just got my new apartment here in Abuja and entering into the toilet I found this. And I’m paying 150k a year for this!! Will I be taking my bath with the fan on or off??

Read some reactions gathered from the tweet below;

Seyi wrote ;

2 in 1 package if you’re running late to work, bathe and get dry immediately.

Horlla wrote ;

Yours is better oooh Hushed face nah we’ll water I dey use bath no water inside the house and I’m paying same 150k

Efe wrote ;

So when you use the toilet ,you can on the fan! that’s awesome

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