Daddy Freeze responds as man Challenges him to heal a mad Man in Lucifer’s name

Media personality, Daddy Freeze has answered back to a devotee who challenged him to heal a crazy man in Lucifer’s name.

The ambiguous host in one of his instructions had acknowledged that praying in the name of “Lucifer” is more powerful than praying in the name of “Jesus”.

Freeze who has constantly expressed his viewpoint against the use of the name “Jesus”, gave the justification for his declaration, saying the name “Jesus” has no meaning in neither Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin nor English whereas the name “Lucifer” which means “Light Bringer” has more meaning.

In response, a devotee challenged Daddy Freeze to use the name of Lucifer which he alleges is more potent, to heal a mad man.

Read what the follower wrote below,

“Sir I challenge you to a test. Let’s pick a random mad man on the street. Pray in the name of Lucifer I will pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s see at the mention of who they get delivered. I dare you sir, this will end this rubbish you keep spitting out.”

Reacting to the man’s challenge Daddy Freeze dragged him read what he said below,

“I think that the first mad man that needs prayers is you, so let me pray for you to be delivered from benightedness and unscholarly religious slavery which is the highest form of slavery,”

View their conversation below,

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