“Womanizing and drinking alcohol does not make a pastor fake” – Prophet Gaisie

Ambiguous Ghanaian Prophet, Nigel Gaisie, has allegedly disclosed that there is nothing bad with a man of God womanizing or drinking alcohol.

The clergy man said, stealing, drinking and womanizing by a man of God are mere shortcomings and not enough to label him fake.

He also pointed out that a man of God is unreal only if he quits preaching about Jesus Christ or reverses his alliance.

Gaisie who said this in a current interview acknowledged that it’s bad to condemn a man of God for drinking alcohol or womanizing, as David the man after God’s heart was a chronic womanizer and a drunkard.

Read his words below,

“When a man of God drinks alcohol, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God steals, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God womanizes or a woman of God has another boyfriend or doesn’t make him/her fake.

Every mortal vessel has a weakness, what makes a man of God fake is when he changes his covenant. If that man of God does not preach Jesus anymore, that is what makes him fake.

If you say that alcohol is wrong, then condemn David, because David was a chronic drunkard and womanizer,” he was quoted as saying”.

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