The Day My Husband Bought His First Car Was The Same Day He Was Killed In The Car By A Soldier – Lady

A young lady who’s 30 years old has recounted how she lost her husband the same day her husband bought a brand new car. The lady whose name is Chidimma Chindu is married to Zeribe Chindu (the deceased husband).

According to her, during her interview with newsmen, revealed that they have been married for just 4 years and she has 2 children, a boy, and a girl and she’s 4 months pregnant with another baby. Her husband, on that fateful day, came back from work with a new Toyota Camry, celebrated the new car with his wife and family.

A few moments later, he told his wife that he’s going to buy petrol for the car. He left, and also went to his shop. The wife called him later and reminded him to buy some foodstuff when he’s coming back from the shop. And he agreed, his wife said that he always closes his shop around 10:00 pm and if he’s late, that will be around 10:30 pm. But that day seemed different from other days. He was yet to come back home even at 11:00 pm, his wife called continuously, but he was not picking up.

To cut the long story short, the next morning, the police called the lady and her relatives including her husband’s siblings and her siblings to the police station. It was reported that her husband was shot dead by the army. And the army claimed that her husband drove past their checkpoint without obeying them when they were asking him to stop, then they shot at him and killed him.

The story from the army wasn’t really clear, it was suspicious, then the brother of the deceased sent a letter of complaint to the army headquarters demanding they look into the case and bring justice to them. But he said that he’s yet to receive any reply from them till today.

Despite that, he added his email address, phone number, and his house address in the letter, no one contacted him hitherto. May God console the family of the deceased, Amen.

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