”I Slept With My Husband To-Be’s Best Man, I Didn’t Know They Are Best Friends, I Am Confused”-Lady Cries Out

A Nigerian lady who is soon to get married has taken to the streets of Twitter to share with users of the platform one thing that is troubling her.

The lady identified as @_Loriiro revealed that she had sex with her husband to be best man before knowing they are best friends and according to her, the guy showed up on the day of their introduction and she is now confused as to what she should do.

Instagram users have reacted variedly to her post and this is what they are saying.

See reactions below;

@jeneefer wrote; Why are you confused?you didn’t know, if you feel the both of you are comfortable telling your fiancé you go ahead…if not babe no reason am. It was just one mistake You didn’t kill anybody…buh make sure it doesn’t repeat again ooo

@ifemi2006store wrote; What I want to know here is….was it before meeting your husband or after u met your husband

@borokini_mufasa wrote; That was past, except you did it when you were seriously involved with your fiance and you told his friend at that time that you were not in a relationship

@dera_acholonu: If you slept him while in a relationship with your husband then emmbut if u were still single when u did, it’s not your fault bayi.. you didn’t know

@smohwkey wrote; Once debe always debe. Are you sure you can still resist him?

@iam_esthybaby wrote; You had the sex while you were still dating your husband to be or you had it before meeting your husband to be? Please help me understand before i conclude.

@eliz_s_cy wrote; Such lady will still have sex with her husband’s best friend if he comes knocking with sweet words. Tbh

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