Serial Killer Set To Marry Street Robber She Met In Jail

Serial killer, Joanna Dennehy, has expressed plans to marry street robber, Hayley Palmer after they met and fell in love while in prison in the United Kingdom.

According to DailyStar, Hayley, who served a 16-year sentence, is said to have already changed her name to Dennehy, who is still serving a life sentence.

Hayley Palmer

Joanna reportedly proposed to Hayley after they met at privately-run Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) Bronzefield women’s prison.

A source said;

“It’s a very strange relationship. It’s very weird to say but they seem good for each other. Hayley speaks about Joanna like she’s her high school sweetheart. They talk every single day and fully intend to get married.”

“Hayley joked that they would not be allowed to cut their wedding cake because there’s no way that they’d let Joanna have a knife. They want to be married by the end of the year. They’re both committed to it. Now Hayley’s out of prison, she’s petitioning for permission to get married as soon as they can.”

Joanna Dennehy is one of only two female prisoners serving a whole life sentence in the UK, the other being House of Horrors killer Rose West.

Joanna Dennehy

The serial killer stabbed three men to death over a 10-day period in March 2013, before knifing two others, both of whom survived.

Branded “pure evil” by criminology experts, Joanna, of Peterborough, Cambs, said she committed the murders because it was “fun”.

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