Man Of God Allegedly Beats Up His Wife With Church Wires Into Coma- (Video)

A pastor and founder of Victor’s Church, Folayemi Richard has allegedly beaten his pregnant wife, Odunola, to coma over a rift between them at their residence at Ita Olodan, Upper Gaa- Akanbi in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Recounting how the pastor assaulted her, the wife told newsmen that the incident occurred on April 29, 2021, when their wedding was three months old and her pregnancy was a month old.

According to her, when she collapsed, her husband kept torturing, brutalizing her with a cable wire and even as a neighbor came near to mediate for her, the elderly woman was overpowered and pushed aside.

Odunola revealed that she had been experiencing marital turbulence since their marriage in late September 2020, adding that the man had once beaten her till she became unconscious.

” Last year, September 26, we got married, and we’ ve been living together as husband and wife. When our wedding was one month old, that was when a terrible crisis occurred. We had a disagreement. Suddenly, he ordered me to stand up and that he would take me to a hospital, where he would dump me.

” He started insulting my parents; I cautioned him. He slapped me and began to beat me. He got a cable wire which we use for speakers in the church and beat me up.

” I started shouting for help. I became so weak. I dashed out of the house; he followed me and started dragging me on the ground, saying he did not want the marriage again.

” At this time, people had already gathered and were begging him. He locked me out and went to my parents. When he came back again, he ordered me to leave his home, ” she narrated.

An eyewitness, Victoria Oluwaseun, who confirmed the assault said the pastor dragged his wife out and was beating her without considering the pregnancy.

The woman also alleged that her husband had denied her access to move her belongings from the house, stating that her certificates and other valuables are still in the house.

Odunola, who has complained to the National Human Rights Commission to seek justice over the matter is appealing to the state Ministry of Women Affairs to come to her aid as she could no longer cope with the pains and assault in her marriage.

Watch the video below;


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