Lady Dies After Undergoing Butt Lift Surgery in a Backstreet Clinic in Brazil

A 46-year-old mother of one who lives in the United Kingdom has died in an hospital after undergoing butt lift surgery at a ‘backstreet clinic’ in Brazil.

Ronilza Johnson passed away in hospital in the Brazilian municipality of Anapolis on the night of May 1, DailyMail reports on Monday, May 3.

She was hospitalised on March 31 after suffering complications following a botched buttock augmentation at a clandestine clinic in the same municipality a week before.

The surgeon who carried out the procedure has been named as Lucas Santana, and police have said he’s liable for bodily injury, unauthorised practice of medicine and fraudulent misrepresentation.

According to investigators, the biomedical scientist introduced himself to Ronilza as a doctor and told her that he would carry out the operation with the assistance of a medical student.

Santana reportedly injected Ronilza’s buttocks with polymethyl methacrylate, better known as PMMA and Brazilian Society of Dermatology does not recommend its use for this procedure.

The chemical compound reportedly caused serious infections in Ronilza’s body, resulting in rotting and left in open wound.

After falling ill and being taken to hospital around a week after the procedure, she reported the suspects to the police via telephone.

Ronilza paid BRL 9,000 (GBP 1,194, N630,000)for the buttock augmentation and nose bioplasty, which the police say were all carried out illegally.

They have named the other suspect as Thierry Cardoso, who is a medical student in Bolivia.

Police officers searched the clandestine clinic and homes of both suspects on April 30, From Cardoso’s home, in the municipality of Leopoldo de Bulhoes, officers seized “countless” medicines, some of foreign origin, and blank prescriptions.

Products were also seized from the unlicensed clinic, which the health authorities closed down.

Ronilza Johnson leaves behind a daughter, who has been named as Amberly Johnson by local media outlets G1 and Metropoles. Her daughter’s age is unclear.

The investigation is ongoing, and the police have said they may request judicial authorisation to detain the suspects.

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