More woes: Another man discloses how Baba Ijesha assaulted an 8-year old girl in Oshodi

As the CCTV footage of Baba Ijesha’s illicit deed is uncovered to the world, an Instagram user has also involved the actor in defiling an 8-year old girl in Oshodi.

Responding to the viral Baba Ijesha’s saga of sexual molestation on a 14-year-old girl, @Heryinksbaby has instructed that they should make sure justice is administered because the actor has been recognized for his molestation act on children.

While remarking on actress Iyabo’s post, the Instagram user recognized Baba Ijesha as a “Human-like-animal”.

Read what Heryinksbaby wrote below:

“@iyaboojofespris please let her get justice… I am forced to speak out this same thing that happened years ago with baba Ijesha in mafoluku Oshiodi at his formal street named Akakun… he was also caught sleeping with a little girl at the age of 8 then before he relocated from mafoluku… he can never change…Human-like animal”

Baba Ijesha defiling 8-year-old

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