Baba Ijesha saga: Yomi Fabiyi vows to lead protest that will ensure Princess is arrested

Popular Nollywood actor and self-acclaimed human rights activist, Yomi Fabiyi has sworn to oversee a protest that will guarantee comedian Princess is charged because of the ongoing Baba Ijesha case.

Remember that Baba Ijesha was apprehended for reportedly assaulting a 14-years-old girl who was comedian Princess’s adopted daughter.

Though, the CCTV footage published sparked responses from numerous channels with Yomi Fabiyi as one of the well-known personalities voicing their viewpoint.

Yomi Fabiyi in a recent post on his Instagram account asked those criticizing him if they can permit their child to be harmed and brutalize in the name of collecting evidence while confirming to call for the arrest of Princess and those implicated in the acting.

Read what Yomi Fabiyi wrote below;

“If this is not clear to you again, I am sorry I cannot help farther. I will fight for the young lady(minor), even if I fight alone. I am never in support of Baba Ijesha’s action, rape or child molestation etc at anytime, please understand and stop misleading people.

CAN YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILD GO THROUGH ANOTHER ABUSE FROM SAME TORMENTOR FOR ANY REASON? The girl needs urgent help. Take the child away from the guardian NOW!

All the ADULTS including Baba Ijesha plus any other the investigation traverses must be arrested as soon as possible.

For heaven sake, the Police saw this cctv before hand and never touch on everyone in the footage, that is ridiculous! WHY SHOULD LAGOS POLICE DO THIS TO A CHILD?

No reliable justice system will overlook that side of the investigation. If that child can decide for herself, she will never want to be abused again no matter the alibi, BUT SHE WAS ALLOWED TO BE ABUSED. Nigerians learn to trust the police and stop putting the laws into your hands. Emotions if too much can be detrimental.

If after Seven(7) Working Days the CP refuses to do the right thing, Nigeria either GO FORWARD or BACKWARD. To move forward, we all must TAKE TO THE STREET and fight for every child. Lagos Governor and the Police must do the right thing NOW!

There are decision we are making, we are saving our own lives. Trust me, It is worth risking everything for. All Human Rights Lawyers, adults, I challenge you all to the court of conscience.

Aluta Continua!

Yomi Fabiyi

Actor/Human Rights Ambassador.”

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