Man cries out after lady declined his relationship proposal, says he can’t spend lavishly on her

Man (Doctor) laments after a lady said no to his proposal for a romantic relationship because she feels he can’t spend luxuriously on her.

The man complained due to the rate at which some girls are ready to be sex spouses with rich men, just because they need someone who would incessantly shower money on them.

Read what he wrote below:

“I am seriously worried at the nature of the dating pool in Nigeria. I (a medical doctor) just got rejected by a girl who I’m interested in just because she feels I can’t spend lavishly. The average Nigerian girl above 20 is available to be a sex mate to any man who can spend on her, by the time she’s 25, she has become a part-time runs babe with unrealistic taste for the good things of life…”

Read the screenshot below:

Man laments after lady turned down his relationship proposal says he can't spend lavishly on her

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