“I owe no one apology for dating someone younger; to Impregnate me” – Uche Ogbodo breaks down in tears after Fans Mock Her (Video)

Popular actress, Uche Ogbodo burst into tears as she responds to the backlash of getting pregnant for a man younger than herself.

It would be recalled that the face of the baby daddy of the 35-year-old actress was revealed some days ago despite the secrecy of her relationship.

In a live Instagram session, Uche Ogbodo wept as she recounts her past experiences with older men before finally finding happiness in a younger man.

In her words;

“I’ve dated a guy who is 20 years older than him because I thought I needed to date a man who is older than me or a father figure but he never impacted anything in my life.

“I have never dated a younger guy this is actually my first time. I have date men who were 8years, 10 years, and 20 years older than me but they all didn’t work. All these grandfathers, all they do is demoralize me, make me understand that there’s nothing in me…..”

she narrated and breaks down emotionally.

Watch the video below:

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