“Fake people attract fake ones” – Conclusions as man insists that ‘University friends are fakest of friends’

Young man activates different conclusion after making a viewpoint on how friends made in the University are the most dangerous form of friendship.

A Twitter user recognized as @OnlyKach_, who evaluated the impression from personal experience argued that it never works out well with friends made in the University as he labeled them ‘fake.’

Read his words below,

“University friends are the fakest set of friends.”

This was followed by different conclusions from other users as some disagree while others confirmed suffering ill-treatment from such relationship.

“Maybe the University you attend
OAU gave me the truest friends
I couldn’t have asked for more ❤❤❤❤❤,” a user wrote.

See responses below;

"Fake people attract fake ones" - Reactions as man argues that 'University friends are fakest of friends'

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