Actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke blasted for reportedly snatching someone’s husband

Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke has been criticized for snatching someone’s husband and showing off ill-gotten riches.

The swipe came from her collaborator in the film industry who decided to conceal his personality by using a sham Instagram account.

This entertainer vexed with Ronke and other actors in the Nollywood industry claiming that Baba Ijesha is guilty of the alleged sexual assault of a minor, as he maintained that most of them are not reasonably than him morally.

Using the handle, @don_syd read what he wrote below:

“@ronkeoshiodioke oloribtuki ni gbogbo yin I wish you all channel this your vextation during endsars to end and governance in this country causing most of all this atrocity in our society….no one is supporting rape but why is that you all are hypocrite, will come online to judge someone else if you all have evidence aganst this man why not charge him to court and stop social media publicity and mere looking at you alll and your colleagues especially you ladies y’all are hypocrites.

If we can run a background check on you all we see you all are not perfect some of you are fu*cking someone else husband to gather wealth and flaunt online but see that as normal some of you are even going about following politician and selling us out to make living but you won’t come out to say something against that awon alabosi oshi like you all are perfect if some of you are male you will do the same or worst sel ekoshi danu ke shemi some of you even use kayamata to hold innocent men but una no go drag una self abi is that one not sexual assult too eni kure… if baba ijesha is guilty of this let him face the consequence make una arraign him to court and present evidence you have against him not coming online to and express hatred ke fosi le.”

Ronke Oshodi-Oke Someone's husband wealth

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