“I’m regretting for sleeping with my boss even though I want more” – Lady seeks guidance

Young lady calls for guidance on how to exit the dilemma of sleeping with her boss and still wanting more despite having a boyfriend.

The lady who wanted support anonymously through the prominent relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, had sex with her boss in the office toilet and later with her boyfriend on that same day.

Read her words below;

“Good afternoon; I feel so bad. I slept with my boss last week. It happened so fast, I couldn’t resist him. He came inside me, I use tissue to remove some of sperm in the office toilet. Am on my safe period tg. when I got to my place my bf called that he is outside. He started having s*x with me. I didn’t want to say no because he will suspect I never reject him. He gave me head, I felt bad because my boss sperm was still inside me.
I have been crying.
I have been avoiding my boss but I want more.
I feel so bad.
How will I leave this.
Am now wearing skirt.
God help me
Joro my bf don’t deserve this”

"I'm ashamed for sleeping with my boss even though I want more" - Lady seeks advise

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