“How dare you talk to her in that way” – Netizens blast Dencia for calling her mother ‘useless’

Cybercitizen have blasted the Cameroonian-born singer and entrepreneur, Reprudencia Sonkey, better known as Dencia for portraying her mother as ‘useless’.

In an initial declaration, Dencia argued that her mother is childish and useless just as she (Dencia) is, which goes a long way to portray a remarkable pretense in their personality.

In response to this, cybercitizens have blasted her for such a declaration against her mother.

Read responses below:

sabitalkofficial wrote: How dare you talk to your mom in that way? Children of nowadays

6car__ wrote: No matter the play I can never say my mom is useless oh😂😂😂

kuntaakinte_ wrote: May we never give birth to children that will publicly insult us all because of clout. AMEN

Olumayor wrote, “Say na Arians. Dumb dumb blame the horoscope when they aren’t blaming men.”

Nnenna wrote, “She is obviously complimenting her Mum in a funny way but some people wouldn’t know because they don’t understand anything asides from pidgin”

amyubah6 wrote: You r the one useless to say such about your own mom in public.

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