“Go and judge your entire family” – Ubi Franklin slams troll who said he should take off ‘Christ Advocate’ from his bio

Ubi Franklin has come under serious assaults occurring from different angles, while his baby mama blasts him a few days ago, a supporter is on his tip this time around.

Ubi Franklin had earlier disproved declarations of having a 5th baby mama and also dared people who are publicizing the report to come out physically and confront him, instead of the media war technique.

Ubi revealed this in a video he made newly but observed an indirect blast from an enthusiast who said he doesn’t portray the Christ advocate that is enlisted in his bio and called on him to discard it soon.

The brand boss gave him a brutal answer while telling him to judge his entire family rather.

View the exchange below:

Ubi Franklin Christ Advocate Troll bio

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