“Na you come find trouble now, visit a psychiatrist first” – Bobrisky blasts Halima Abubakar over published conversations from 2019

Popular Male Barbie Bobrisky has determined not to play the matured card as he has reacted to the call-out and published conversations from 2019 by actress Halima Abubakar.

Bobrisky has also reinstated that she’s sick and instructed her to visit a psychiatrist first just like he had told her in 2019.

Halima also revealed that she was also in her sickbed during that period of a disagreement between her and Bobrisky.

Reacting, Bobrisky has published a threat of finality to the actress to never call his name again.

Read what he wrote below;

“As for you Halima abubakar you know you are sick right ? That was y all your friends including myself left you to visit a psychiatric first. Then all your past friends will come to you. Matter of 2019 you brought it back in 2021 May God heal you. Amen A

 D day Halima will learn to stop spoiling all her ex friend I swear things will move on well with u. Only you have things to say about your ex friends I fear you. But listen to me . Na you come find trouble now !!! Never in your life Mentioned my name on your page again 111111 No find war o You forget to tell them you are presently on my block list”

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