Pastor Impregnates 20 Church Members, Says It Was An Order From The Holy Ghost (Photos)

The General Overseer of the Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity Church located in Enugu, has come under heavy criticism after news spread that he has successfully impregnated close twenty (20) of his church members.

What started as a rumour later turned out to be true after scores of church members reported the clandestine act of the pastor to some leaders of the church.

As it turned out, Pastor Timothy Ngwu, has been engaging in extra-marital affairs with several ladies in the church leading to most of them getting pregnant for him.

Appearing before the Enugu State Police to answer questions over his unreasonable actions, Pastor Timothy Ngwu, much to the chagrin of all and sundry explained that his actions were informed by the Holy Spirit.

He said ‘The Holy Spirit commanded me to impregnate as many female members in the church as possible’

Making a case for himself, he told the police that he did not force any of them into sleeping with him, he said the husbands of the married women among the pregnant church members were very much aware of the directives from the Holy Spirit and consented to him sleeping with them.  He denied any wrongdoing.

According to sources, the Pastor who is currently in police custody has five (5) wives and thirteen (13) children which according to sources were born for him by his wives and concubines.

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