“You have all the money in the world, yet you don’t know how to dress” – Troll attacks DJ Cuppy

A Twitter user has criticized the popular female disc jockey, Cuppy for not having a good taste in fashion.

Inaugurating a media attack on DJ Cuppy, the cybercitizen recognized as @CaramelDutch3SS on Twitter, characterized Cuppy as an accurate illustration of a person who has all the money in the world but still cannot kit up in a nice dress.

In response to this, DJ Cuppy willingly surrendered herself to be arrested by the #Fashionpolice while reacting with an emoji of a laughing face.

Read the words of the critic below:

“Dj Cuppy is a prime example of having all the money in the world and not knowing how to dress”

See the conversation below:

Twitter Money DJ Cuppy Dress

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