“Propose Where We Can Knack Immediately”- Nurse Tells Future Husband

A Nigerian lady on Twitter, identified as Nurse Christyne has sent some message to her future husband on the kind of proposal that she expects for her engagement.

According to her, her future husband should get ready to show her where they would like to make love after he proposes to her. She revealed that she is not a fan of public proposals as she wants a private proposal.

She wrote: Dear future husband please I don’t want a public proposal. Propose where we can knack immediately!

However, her tweet has triggered reactions.

Below are some of the reactions:

@f3racepapi234: Dat day fuck dey sweet die, ,,just pour some wine on the kpekus lick it all and suck the remaining on the clitoris while she too go pour some cold iced wine in her mouth den insert ur dick in her mouth and suck real good, ,,before the proper knacking, ,,wat a special nack

@Omo_oluwa007: That was my plan when I proposed to my wife. I did it in the bedroom so we can knack after. But her friends no gree go. They just dey snap and shout awwwwn and wow wow like ambulance. Na so d day go. By next day the knack don cold

@prince30204291 : Avoid premarital sex

@nedumcr8tv: Exactly what I also want… but I’m sensing that my future wife is a born again Christian and not only that. She is a virgin How am I going to achieve knacking immediately after proposal

@PatienceOdu: Wait fess o..this knack thing, inshort dz fuck tin don dey gradually(abi na “already” b dey proper phrase 2use)become normal level for dz country o.. 2d extent say shame 2d talkam publicly no dey again.unlike back in the days of born againism. Is anyone thinking what am thinking..

@NwikeZ: That was how I did my Wife traditional marriage in her father sitting room with just 5people, my mom was happy, her father was happy, me was happy too Some group of girls was hangry but who cares!

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