Lady seeks for advice after her visitation to her boyfriend’s house turns to a misery

A lady has taken to social media to seek advice over her ordeal with her boyfriend.

While narrating her ordeal, she wrote:

“My name Karen Osei from Ghana. I was born raised in Ghana. I traveled to Nigeria to continue my University education. After I came back to Ghana.”

“I am currently working in Ghana. I went on a business tour and I met one of the branch staff that we having been dating for almost 6 months now.”

“We all stay in Accra but he works at the Tema branch and I am working at the headquarters in Accra. Normally he visits me but I have not got the chance to see where he stays.”

“On his birthday he invited me to meet his parents and siblings. I went and he organizes a party for his birthday. We did the party at his family house. Though I am not used to alcohol that day I decided to drink something alcoholic.”

“Unfortunately, I got drunk and I couldn’t return home because of that I slept at his place. The next day I found out myself has changed. I asked him if he had any intercourse with me? he answered no”

“I didn’t trust what he said. Though I could have bought some contraceptive pills I refused to do that. There I decided to wait for a month if I will have my period or not. A month came and I didn’t have my menses I went to the hospital and I was told am pregnant.”

“After I found out he lied to me, I have decided to break up with him. I didn’t tell him am pregnant but he has come to apologize to me for what he did.”

“Now, my problem is should I forgive him and let him know am pregnant because I want to abort the baby and break up with him.”

“Please I need your help to decide on this.” She concluded.

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