I Sacrifices My Womb For Money Rituals For My Husband To Be Rich, After 3 Years Of His Flowing Wealth, He’s Threatening To File For a Divorce

A trending post on social media reveals how a woman used her womb as a Sacrifice for her husband to get wealth after paying such a dearly price to her beloved husband, he’s threatening to divorce her.

While narrating her ordeal, she wrote:

“I am a businesswoman who lives in Kumasi in the Ashanti region. That is where I live all of my life. I am currently living in Accra with my husband and we have one child.”

“Years, after we got married, things became very hard and all hope was gone. One day I told my husband we should seek a spiritual assistant. My husband didn’t ignore my decision.”

“We traveled to Benin because I have a friend who introduced me to one of the powerful spiritualists over there. Since I was the one leading my husband to the place I decided to do everything that will make us rich.”

“The fetish-priest gave us options and among them, the easiest one was to use my womb for sacrifice and I did exactly.”

“The money started coming and three years after this what happened to me that I want everyone who is reading this article to take it as advice because human beings are not pillows that you can put your head-on.”

“Now, upon all the money I have, I can’t give birth but we had a child before getting married. Due to my condition, my husband is now telling me he didn’t force me to use my womb for sacrifice and he is ready to marry another woman, and if I will not agree he will file for divorce.”

“Now I have realized my foolishness and I have understood we shouldn’t trust anyone.”

“So please if you are reading this article be careful with the people you trust, they can disappoint. The story is very broad but to cut it short I will end it here.” She concluded.

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