“I wish I had slept with her before her death” Man lies on top of dead woman and makes sexual moves

A man has been arrested and charged to court in Harare for allegedly abusing a corpse sexually during a funeral in Epworth.

The suspect identified as Big Sipiliano of Jacha in Epworth is facing charges bothering on violation of corpse and indecent assault.

In court, two witnesses testified that Sipiliano committed the offence on the said day.

It was alleged that the witness attended a funeral with some others but entered the room where the corpse was kept.

it was alleged that when Sipiliano got to the room, he said, “Musikana uyu ndakabvira kare ndichimuda. Dai ndakatorara naye hangu achiri mupenyu, manje hazviperi zvakadaro.” (I have always loved this woman. I wish I had slept with her before her death, but this will not end well).

Sipiliano was alleged to have uncovered the dead body, saying she is still beautiful and lay on top of it, making sexual moves.

When one of the witnesses tried to stop Sipiliano, he grabbed her from behind and threatened to assault her.

Sipiliano was reported to the police station which led to his arrest.

In his defence, Sipiliano denied assaulting the corpse and further told the court that he only touched it.

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