“Clique and gossip will kill Nollywood” – Actress, Halima Abubakar blasts organizers of Eko Awards

Popular Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar brought to her social media page to criticize her collaborators and the organizers of the Eko Star Film and Tv Awards as she says that group and gossip will kill the Nollywood industry.

In her post on Instagram, she condemned them for being idealistic and a killjoy. She claimed that despite all of these, she’s never giving up on inputting virtue in the film industry as a filmmaker.

Read what she wrote below;

“Lol clique and gossip will kill Nollywood I swear. sentimental set of people. killjoy .1 will continue to produce. fuck who doesn’t like it.Am unproblematic .1 give these people roles smh. keep snubbing some of us una hear? Acting all posh like are you serious? Shitting ppl.Every thing is sentiment in Nollywood”

“Still I stand
Still can’t be pushed.No matter the evils, and dog eat dog attitude 
Still, I stand like a river that. Never do dry.
So I thank you all”

Halima Abubakar Eko awards
Halima Abubakar Eko awards

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