A 21-year-old lady expresses her regret after engaging in a sex marathon with father and son the same day

A woman has expressed her dissatisfaction about how she ended up sleeping with both her boyfriend and his father at the same time.

The 21-year-old lady narrated her story on Twitter and revealed how she visited her two-year boyfriend during Easter to spend time with his family, whom she was meeting for the first time.

However, she said that the drama she developed was not caused by a sane mind.

She described how she and her boyfriend were having intercourse with the doors locked, but his father entered the room with a spare key, and instead of being embarrassed or furious, her boyfriend pleaded with her to let his father join them.

After some persuasion, she finally agreed and they continued like that throughout the weekend.

When the session was over, the father gave her 250k and the boyfriend gave her N20k. She then went home but started feeling bad about what happened. She then contemplated punishing her boyfriend by either dumping him or dating his father.


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