“No difference between butt implants and fixing nails” – Actress Uche Elendu

Prominent Nigerian actress, Uche Elendu has taken to her Instagram stories to indicate her interest at the rate people are fast to judge those that engage in butt implants and other forms of liposuction (plastic surgery) but yet they fix their nails.

She disclosed that she acknowledges no difference between those that fix their nails and those that take more walks to get a body enhancement achieved.

Read what she wrote below;

“There’s absolutely no difference between a lady that fixes her nails, lashes, makeup, etc and a lady that got a nose job, the body works done without implants, they are all body fixes and have potential risks and of course benefits. Hey!!! just make more money and gather liver and stop hating on someone’s choice to use her money to remain comfortable in her body.”

Uche Elendu implants nails

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  1. Absolutely right. I think the only diff b/w a girl that fixes nails/eye lashes nd the one that do plastic surgery is poverty. The former can’t afford plastic surgery.

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