“Power No Be Powder”: Reactions Trail As The Video Of A Nigerian Pastor Who Sat In His SUV To Conduct Deliverance For Girl Surfaced Online

Many things we see these days make one wonder if what one sees is really what it is. Many people have taken Christianity to be a joke as they do all manner of things, in the name of miracles and conducting deliverance.

In this country Nigeria, we have witnessed and seen how some people who claimed to be called by GOD, accomplishing all manner of miracles and after a while, they’re no longer heard of or seen in a public place and when one gets to the opportunity of seeing them, they look so wretched than they ever were.

We have seen some men of GOD who have been in ministry, doing exploits, and are still waxing strong in the things of GOD while some have faded away or died mysteriously.

A man of God identified as Gospel Agochukwu who is the senior pastor and founder of Shekina Ministries Arena shared a video of him sitting in his black SUV with his protocol team all around him when a young girl ran toward his direction for prayers, the man of God sat in his car and laid hands on the girl.

The girl is alleged to be possessed by demons, but people reacted differently to the video seeing how the Pastor sat in his SUV conducting this deliverance.

The girl who was under deliverance, in a place that looked like a school compound with other children who were playing, stood at attention to watch them and all of a sudden the girl who had staggered to the back of the SUV, began speaking in tongues as the Pastor sat still in his car and kept speaking out loud.

Reactions and the video below

@Akaji Felix Ifejiokwu: Demonstration of God’ s power

@Eric Gag: Power no be powder

@Mezuma Kingsley: Sir I like the way you didn’ t give the spirit more attention, you just stayed in your car to rebuke it, more grace sir, I celebrate sir

@Kingsley Mene: Gosple Agochukwu you are not called but manufactured by God from heaven. May you grow from strength to strength in Jesus name

Watch the video below

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