Lady discloses how a soon-to-be-married man was wooing her on Instagram

A lady brought to Twitter to recount a circumstance she characterized as terrifying as a soon-to-be-married man kept on wooing her on Instagram despite getting married on the day they were decided to meet.

@littlehuman took to her Twitter page to report how a man was doting on her and how they have made schedules to see one another. Unfortunately, he disclosed that he has a wedding schedule to observe in Katsina.

While at it, he pledged to give her a gift only for her to discover after going through his page that the man getting married in Katsina is no other person than the man wooing her on Instagram.

Read what she tweeted below;

“Omooo, men are scary ohh, this guy that has been toasting me on IG told me we couldn’t meet up last week because he had a wedding to attend in Katsina. He even joked about getting me a souvenir. I just went on his Instagram page now and saw that he was the one who got married!”

soon-to-be-married man toasting lady

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  1. hahaha. up till now many girls don’t understand that sometimes men decides to toast girls on social media on to see if they may agree or not

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