Lady breaks up with boyfriend of 5 years after he slapped her

A lady brought to Twitter to tell her heartbreaking experience with her boyfriend and what led to what she portrayed as a peaceful “break-up”.

@mfundofelix revealed that she visited her friends and spent lots of time with them. But to her utter astonishment, on her return home, her boyfriend had slapped her while requesting a justification from home.

She disclosed she no longer saw him as she used to after the occurrence, therefore, she had to terminate the 5-year-old relationship.

Read what she tweeted below;

Today my relationship of 5 years came to an end, nobody cheated, but I was not whole and I didn’t see him the same way I used to see him, the fact that he raised a hand on me just because I went out my friends says a lot, not gonna say much, but I’m done.”

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