Man customized the shirt of his 10-year-old daughter after discovering she has a boyfriend and lying around of being 18-year-old.

A trending post of a young man on social media who felt disturbed after her daughter of 10-year-old started acting like a big lady of 18 and lying about her age to people.

According to him, he said his daughter Janiya wants to be grown and always lie about her age, she always says she is 14, 15 and some times 18 when she is just 10, she claims to be in love and have a boyfriend at the age of 10 which is against my rules, he added that he discovered that she has been doing this for quite some time now, she also has social media accounts and it’s also against his rules.

However, the intelligent man decided to make a customized shirt for her daughter and wrote I’m 10-years-old on it, he also bought trouser and shoes meant for kids of 10-year-old, he also made her rock kids hairstyles with children beads and deprived her of using social media, she will no longer wear the normal dress that she always wears that makes her look and think she is big.

This kind of father is rare, some would tell you to let her enjoy her life, it’s her time forgetting that there’s more thing to that, a girl of 10 is not supposed to have a boyfriend, she should at least be 18 and above before thinking of having a boyfriend.

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