41-years After Burial, Family Discovers Grandpa Corpse Still Fresh and Intact

A family has discovered a corpse that was buried fresh and intact 41 years ago, in what will come across as a shocking creation. Residents of Akure, the Ondo State capital, flocked to the hospital road axis of the town to see a corpse that had allegedly not decayed 41 years after it was buried.

The body of a man known as Baba Boboye was exhumed at a two- story building at Alafia Tayo Roundabout, opposite Mega Primary School, Akure, on Wednesday, in what has been described as a ” mystery. ” The body was exhumed for relocation by his family due to ongoing road construction inside the State Specialist Hospital axis, according to reports.

All was intrigued when the coffin seemed to be very neat, as if it had been recently buried, until they were prompted to open it when it was discovered that the 41- year- old corpse was still very fresh and intact, according to sources. It was also discovered that none of the items he was buried with, including his clothes, had been tampered with. The body was later relocated to Ajegunle, along the Ijoka River, and reburied.

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