Four Churches Sealed Over Fetish Activities in Ondo

No fewer than four branches of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church (C&S) have been sealed in Ondo State after the presiding Pastors were caught engaging in fetish activities.

The President of Ondo State Unification of Leaders of C&S, Primate Ade Ademisokun-Turton, made this known at a briefing on Wednesday.

Ademisokun-Turton said the churches were sealed to bar the pastors from tarnishing the image of the church, adding that any Pastor that required training would be allowed to come in.

He stated that the leaders of the C&S have settled their differences and are united as a body.

Ademisokun-Turton, while speaking on his installation as Baba Alakoso of Unification of Leaders of C&S, said his Deputy, seven council of elders and three Baba Aladuras would also be installed.

“We may not be one in the past before, but now we are one body there were some people that want to join us and that is why we want to train them. Not too long ago, we sealed some Churches and they still remained sealed because they don’t know anything about C&S, we are not going to take that anymore.”

“Those who have accepted to be trained would be allowed to come in. We have sealed about 4 Churches now for caught doing fetish because we have zero tolerance for fetish in C&S,” he said.

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