Update: Nigerian man finds his mum hours after his story was shared online

On Tuesday, April 6, a story of a Nigerian man identified as Tolu Babatunde in search of his mum was shared online.

However, in a new development, Tolu has reached out to newsmen to reveal that he has found his mum. According to Babatunde, back in 1988 when he met her for the second time, she came with her sister and her niece. The same niece saw the post online and reached out to him, making the connection with his mum possible. 

”When she came in 1998, she came with her sister and her niece. It was her niece that recognised her picture when it was shared online, and she got in touch with me on my mobile number. Her niece then passed her number to me and we are in touch. 
I am overjoyed and grateful to God for this reunion. My hearty thanks to LIB & the entire team as well as all who prayed and supported.” Babatunde mail announcing she had been found reads in part

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