Responses as a man is set to pay N50K to any woman available to get pregnant for him

The intention of men expecting to have kids from women who they aren’t married to are on the rise, this is one of the reasons why the idea of being a baby mama has come to stay in this new millennium.

A man recognized as @MrAlan on Twitter took to the forum to indicate his desperate need of getting a woman from the age of 20 – 25 years old to birth him a child. He has announced that he’s ready to settle her with the sum of N50K for this agreement to take place.

Read what he tweeted below;

“I need a girl between the ages 20- 25 years to get pregnant for me. I’ll give you N50K.”

man woman pregnant

Regardless, as the tweet goes viral, he’s been blasted by his supporters who accused him of being alow-budget and being insane.

man woman pregnant

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